Eligibility for admission to the play group classes is after the age of 3 year. It is granted on submitting an application from dulg filled and signed by the parents with birth certificate, medical certificate and passport size photos. All admission are to be made strictly after a written test and Tnterviews which is areenged to decide the class which admission will be granted. If after being called for admission a word does not present herself/himself the registration shall automatically be trolled as canceled.

Instruction for admission

photocopy of the following should be attached along with the application

  • Municipal/panchayat birth certificate shall be attached with the application .( hospital certificate will not be accepted )
  • Proof of residence - only electricity bill / voter i card / ration card / water bill / passport / rent agreement / pan card
  • Students passport photo - 10
  • Family photo with students - 1
  • Medical certificate from govt. hospital in case of child with special need / disabilities
  • A report card photocopy of the previous school examination.
  • The transfer certificate from the school last attended.
  • Caste certificate issued by dc office (only SC, OBC , ST)
  • BPL ration card

Instruction to Parents

  • Parents teacher meeting will be held by the institution from time to time.
  • The child should reach school in time : Late commers will be sent home.
  • Absence without proper reason and without application will be fined at 5.00 per day.
  • School uniform is a must for all children without proper uniform will not be allowed to attend school
  • All the children must have prescribed book and answer book with bamboo paper covering.
  • All the children must bring their school diary daily and parents are requested to see the information written there in.
  • Complaints, if any must be made in the school office personally and not through someone else.
  • No child will be allowed to leave the school campus without proper permission of the principle during the school hours.
  • No parents are allowed to enter the school premises without proper permission of the principle.
  • If a child continues to be absent for 10 days without permission his/her name will be withdrawn from the school rolls.
  • Name of the child must be written on his/her books, notebook, tie belt and tiffin box.
  • The school Cannot make it self-responsible for books, money or any article, lost the children to bring money or valuable article in the school.
  • If attendance of a child is less than 70% He/she will not be allowed to appear in the annual examination.
  • The fees have to be paid on a quarterly basis in July, September, November of the academic year. The fee is to be deposited in the school by the 10th of the first month of every quarter after which a fine Rs. 10/- per day will be levied till the last day of the month.
  • Bus charges are also payable quarterly. The Bus/Van facility one opted for will have to be continued for the entire session.

Fee Structure

  • Admission Fee:- 5000/-
Particular Fee Class Playgroup/Nur. Rs. Class L.K.G/U.K.G Class 1st/2nd Rs. Class 3rd/4th Rs. Class 5th/6th Rs. Class 7th/8th Rs. Class 9th/10th Rs. Class 11th/12th Rs.
Registration Fee (Per Year) 500/- 500/- 500/- 500/- 500/- 500/- 500/- 500/-
Activity Fee Dance/ Sport / Music / Art-Craft / ComputerProjector/ Function/ Extra Tuition / Comp. /Yoga/ Taekwondo 10000/- 10000/- 10000/- 10000/- 10000/- 10000/- 10000/- -
Transportation Fee (According 1 to 6 Km) 1000/- Per Month 10000/- 10000/- 10000/- 10000/- 10000/- 10000/- 10000/- -
Annual Tuition Fee(Including Lab Charges) 16000/- 17000/- 18000/- 19000/- 20000/- 21000/- 22000/- 15000/-
Total Fee 36500/- 37500/- 38500/- 39500/- 40500/- 41500/- 42500/- 15500/-
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