Upcoming Birthdays

Tanishq class-1st (DOB- 26 Aug),     |     Akshara class- Nur. (DOB- 26 Aug),     |     Deepesh class-5th (DOB- 26 Aug),     |     Somya class- Nur. (DOB- 26 Aug),     |     Purvi class- Nur. (DOB- 27 Aug),     |     Varun class- Nur. (DOB- 27 Aug),     |     Radhe Shyam class- Nur. (DOB- 27 Aug),     |     Esha class-2nd (DOB- 28 Aug),     |     Gungun class-3rd (DOB- 28 Aug),     |     Mohak class- Nur. (DOB- 28 Aug),     |     Ankit class-4th (DOB- 29 Aug),     |     Muskan class-8th (DOB- 29 Aug),     |     Rahul class-3rd (DOB- 29 Aug),     |     Ankit class-4th (DOB- 30 Aug),     |     Bhawana class- UKG. (DOB- 30 Aug),     |     Jyant class- LKG. (DOB- 1 Sep.),     |     Aman class- Nur. (DOB- 1 Sep.),     |     Kuldeep class-2nd (DOB- 3 Sep.),     |     Aman class-7th (DOB- 5 Sep.),     |     Mohammad class- Nur. (DOB- 5 Sep.),     |     Pranshu class-10th (DOB- 6 Sep.),     |     Prachi class- Nur. (DOB- 8 Sep.),     |     Arjun class-3rd (DOB- 9 Sep.),     |     Khusboo class-1st (DOB- 12 Sep.),     |     Harshit class- UKG. (DOB- 14 Sep.),     |     Mradul class-. (DOB- 16 Sep.),     |     Manish class-3rd (DOB- 17 Sep.),     |     Ram class-5th (DOB- 18 Sep.),     |     Narendra class-3rd (DOB- 19 Sep.),     |     Om class-3rd (DOB- 21 Sep.),     |     Dhanraj class-5th (DOB- 22 Sep.),     |     Darsil class- Nur.(DOB- 26 Sep.),     |     Anshul class- Nur. (DOB- 30 Sep.)


The school is situated in New Housing Board Colony Surrounded with green and pollution-free atmosphere in Morena. It has spacious well furnished and well ventilated class rooms with wide corridors and an elaborate computer...


My Vision for Schools of the Future “A hundred years from now, it will not matter what kind of car I drove or how large my bank account was; but the world may be a better place because I made a difference in the life of a child.”

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Director - Mr. Suresh Singh Sikarwar

Our mission is to develop young man with active and creative minds, a sense of under standing and compassion for others and the courage to act on their believes, We stress the total development of each child, spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional and physical. The school is established in ECO friendly..

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Principal- Mrs. Babita Sikarwar

I would like to start this message by thanking the parents continuous communication with M.G.M. School weather it was through visiting the school and taking to the administration, phone calls, text messages and emails, by doing so. We were able to fulfill one of the main priorities in our mission statement which is being a home joint School as long with improving the school..

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Latest News

we are hiring apply now
we are hiring a staff from nursuary to 12th for all subjects and also need a computer operator for office work who knows about online work and website work and Hindi English typing must.if any one interested then contect me soon. Head Office -: Gaytri colony,in front of S.P. office,Morena ( M.P. ) Branch Office -: Water tank road in last,New Housing Board Colony,Morena ( M.P. ) Content No.-: 7828322907

The importance of GRAND PARENTS To children and The sports Competition organized for "GRAND PARENTS"

winners of BLACK & WHITE COLOUR DAY competition
we are going to announce BLACK & WHITE COLOUR DAY competition winners on the theme of BLACK & WHITE COLOUR CLOTHES WEARING. we had celebrated 2ND OCTOBER GANDHI JAYANTI in the memory of MAHATMA GANDHI and salute their contribution.

P.T.M Scheduled
Respected parents, 30 OCTOBER 2018 RESULT MAKING DAY AND P.T.M. is scheduled on 31 OCTOBER 2018 at 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. in school campus .please come with your child to attend the P.T.M.

Diwali celebration-Competition- (Rangoli, Pooja thali decoration, Diya decoration, Greeting card making) Children day celebration-Competition- (Bal mela , Science working modal competition) FOR ALL CLASSES